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Sold On Hold Gets Your Message Heard – Every Day!

What’s Your Message? Powerful copywriting, professional voices and superb production make an enormous difference!

Sold On Hold has been doing this for over 34 years now – and our combination of affordable pricing and personal service has won us many of Australia’s top corporations, small to medium businesses and Government.

We create custom soundtracks of different lengths to suit your needs and budget, so your customers need never grow tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. And with so much experience, we have the background music and voicing combination you’ve been craving!

And not just for your phone system, either – Sold On Hold is your one-stop-shop for professionally scripted and voiced audio marketing soundtracks for all purposes – our Momentum Voiceovers are the perfect complement for your corporate videos, e-learning courses, media ads… in fact, wherever ‘golden tonsils’ are required!

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Whatever it is,
we'll get it heard – every day!

Tasbuilt Homes have used Sold On Hold for several years now, for a professional hold message that’s miles ahead of the rest! Ralph always goes above and beyond, updating our message to include our yearly promotions when needed, and has also provided a great voiceover for a range of video clips. For a professional edge while your customers are on hold, look no further than Sold On Hold!"

What We've Been Doing... Since 1988

Stunning marketing copy… professional voicing… inspiring music. Inform your customers the moment they call you – then Call them to Action!

Our Momentum Voice Overs are the perfect complement for your corporate videos, e-learning courses, media ads… wherever golden tonsils are required!

What’s Your Message? Our clear, concise IVR menus and greetings will get your callers exactly where they need to be – fast and efficiently.


Did we mention? All our services can be provided on a “pay for it once, use it forever” basis – we’ll $ave you thousand$ over our competitors!

Established since 1988, Sold On Hold is one of the world’s original Messages On Hold companies. That’s more than 34 years – and we’re still getting your message out there, every day!

Sold On Hold creates a quality listening experience. Punchy scripts, professional voiceovers and superb production values make an enormous difference – both for you, and for your customers.

  • Personalised service
  • The best voice-overs and license-free music
  • Attention to detail in scriptwriting and production
  • And did we mention? No contracts required!