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How About Us! Established since 1988, Sold On Hold is one of the world's original On Hold Messages companies

How It All Began...

By Grayson B.

Established since 1988, Sold On Hold is one of the world’s original “Messages On Hold” companies. That’s more than 34 years – and we’re still getting your message out there, every day!

But first, a little bit of history – and don’t we all love a history lesson, right? Okay, so settle back into your favourite leather recliner with a glass of aged port and your fine cheese of choice, and let’s begin…

Towards the end of the penultimate decade of the last century (hence the horse & buggy graphic) marketing whiz, Donn Trent, found himself spending a remarkable lot of time on the phone – and, as one tends to do in that game, a lot of time waiting on holdOne day, he had an epiphany:

“Hey, wouldn’t it be great if nobody ever had to listen to Greensleeves again!”

Followed quickly by “Well, except of course when Mr Whippy’s coming down the road…”

That’s the short version. But anyway, such was the genesis of Sold On Hold.

It All Starts With Great Copy

It has been said (was it by Shakespeare?) that if you stick an infinite number of advertising copywriters into a room with an infinite number of typewriters for long enough, not even a team of those forensic crime-scene cleaners will be able to get rid of that smell.

Instead, Sold On Hold employs an infinitely smaller team of substantially more productive copywriters, so hygiene is less of an issue.

Each has been hand-picked for their individual strengths and weaknesses. Yeah, don’t look so surprised – we’ve all gottem. Mine is bread & butter pudding.

Some are particularly skilled in, shall we say, the light-hearted approach to the craft [like Grayson, who crafted this page – ed.]; others’ fortes lie in the more traditional corporate approach. [Like Skylar, who put in the really hard yards to create our all-important Home page – ed.]

Hey Ed – if that’s even your real name – how’s about you butt out here, and let me do what you already owe me three weeks’ back pay for?

[Oops, sorry – I’ll sort that out before this page gets uploaded! – ed.]

Anyway as I was about to say… the copywriter who’s assigned to your job will be chosen not only for their movie star good looks (and arguably the best bread & butter pudding recipe this side of the equator, even if I say so myself); but because their particular style is likely to be the best fit for your company’s corporate persona. That’s a sort of markety way of saying ‘image’.

Here at Sold On Hold, we’ll take the time to discuss these and other aspects of your preferences with you, long before we put pen to paper. That’s a sort of ye olde way of saying ‘weave the creative magic’.

And that, dear reader, is exactly the level of personal service you won’t get from an infinite number of advertising copywriters – no matter how much of my delicious bread & butter pud you force-feed them.

Or, indeed, from many of our competitors – who, I might add, usually insist on a contract – which we most assuredly do not.

Wait – did someone say... NO CONTRACTS?

By ed., aka Ralph D.

Thank you, Grayson, for your refreshingly quirky take on the traditional About Us page.

As you did eventually get around to saying, at Sold On Hold, WE NEVER INSIST ON CONTRACTS.

And what’s more, that means NO MONTHLY FEES – in fact, NO ONGOING FEES AT ALL!

So you can continue to use your Sold On Hold recordings in perpetuity, with no obligation to update or pay anything further – as in “ever”.

We’ve saved countless customers thousands of dollars over the years, compared to what they might otherwise be paying – or what they used to pay to some of our bigger competitors, who delighted in charging them ongoing fees for “updates” they never needed or used!

Dire Straits called it “Money For Nothing”. Here at Sold On Hold, we call it the BIG INDUSTRY RIPOFF! So before you sign a 1, 2 or even a 3-year contract (sheesh!) with one of the others…

Want to know more about the BIG INDUSTRY RIPOFF? Click here to read our Case Study about how we’re saving a medical practice more than $63,000 over ten years, simply by switching to Sold On Hold from their previous supplier.
Shocked? You should be!

Epson Australia

I've just listened to the On Hold recording - sounds great and the music selection is varied and interesting too!

Visnja Majewski
Marketing Communications Manager / Epson Australia

Castle Wood Products & Abbey Gates

Sold On Hold paid for itself very quickly. Comments from our callers have been very positive and we’ve already made extra sales as a direct result of the messages.

Andrew Favelle

CEJN Australia

WOW is all I can say!! It sounds absolutely fantastic and has exceeded my expectations in every way!! Thank you so much again for an awesome production- 10/10!!

Marcus St Vincent
General Manager / CEJN Australia

Dental Innovations

Just had a listen - sounds great! Thank you for getting it done so quickly.

Hayley Green
Marketing Services / Dental Innovations

Esperto Group

We've had a ton of feedback about our on hold music and people really like it - it's helped drive business, and even our marketing company has made some really good comments on the audio content. The quality and end result was very good.

Nicholas Fratangelo
Director / Esperto Group

ALSTOM Australia & New Zealand

Our company recently used Sold On Hold services to create a marketing soundtrack for our customers to listen to while on hold. The team at Sold On Hold were attentive and the service was excellent. The final product is very professional and was delivered quickly and in various formats to suit our systems. I can recommend the team at Sold On Hold for any audio marketing requirements.

Liz Delevaux
Communications & Marketing Assistant / ALSTOM Australia & New Zealand

News Corp Australia

Ralph Davis from Sold On Hold has been providing the voiceovers for the News Corp telephone system since 2003. It's always a pleasure to work with Ralph and the long relationship is testament to his reliability and professionalism. His attention to detail with the voiceovers, the audio quality and even any script improvements where required, ensures a first class result every time!

Brad Vines
Contact Centre Technology Manager / News Corp Australia

Tasbuilt Homes​

Tasbuilt Homes have used Sold On Hold for several years now, for a professional hold message that’s miles ahead of the rest! Ralph always goes above and beyond, updating our message to include our yearly promotions when needed, and has also provided a great voiceover for a range of video clips. For a professional edge while your customers are on hold, look no further than Sold On Hold!"

Jocelyn Cunningham

Marty’s Dental Practice

We find Sold On Hold to be very friendly and efficient. Their response period was extremely quick. The ideas put to us were straight to the point and follow up was excellent.

Dr Therese Marty
Principal Dentist / Marty's Dental Practice


Our new phone messages are up and running and they sound great! Very happy with the content/music/delivery ... they are certainly very professional.

Christine Goodwin
Executive Assistant / QLeave

Advanced GI WA

Thank you for your help. You have made the process easier and your communication has been excellent.

Natalie Raftopoulos
Practice Manager / Advanced GI WA

NRMA Motoring & Services

Thank you for your great work on this project - I am certain we will be in touch with our future on hold recording requirements as you have done a fantastic job!

Yvette Preston

South Western Eye Care

It's been a pleasure working with you, and you will certainly be getting my recommendation for anyone who is interested in on hold messages.

Robyn Fletcher

State Transit NSW

The Digital Message Player has been a great investment - we recently introduced a new concept bus service which operates via Bondi Junction Interchange, and it is an integral part of the communications project to inform passengers of the new service.

Paul McCabe
Manager - Passenger Information / State Transit NSW

DELL Australia / New Zealand

Sold On Hold has become our preferred supplier of IVR recording talent. The service has been very professional, responsive and flexible. The quality of the end product has been perfect. Getting the same artist at short notice and consistent volume levelling was a huge requirement and Sold On Hold has delivered!

Troy O'Hearn
IT Telecommunication / DELL Australia / New Zealand

Ethan Group

It's always a pleasure dealing with Ralph and the team at Sold On Hold. They are professional, responsive, accommodating and always deliver high quality recordings.

Stephanie Watt
Professional Services / Ethan Group

Holcim Australia

The message sounds great and the technology is terrific. To be able to change this message around Australia simultaneously is absolutely magic.

David Clarke
Telecommunications Manager / Holcim Australia

Barrett Dental

They sound fantastic! We are very happy with them 🙂 Such an easy process - Professional - Easy - Very accommodating - High quality - Sounds fantastic - Willing to go the extra mile - Highly recommend!

Practice Manager / Barrett Dental

EMPR Australia

They sound great, thanks heaps for the super quick turnaround.

Chris Russell
Director / EMPR Australia

Kennards Hire

A big thank you to Ralph and the SOH team! The quality of the soundtracks is great and the turnaround is amazing. Your attention to detail has never failed and has even saved us a couple times, you are a great business to deal with!

Larissa Kalnins
Marketing Assistant / Kennards Hire

SPA Dental

Thanks for all of your work on our new On Hold Message - everyone loves it and it's a far cry from our old staticy classical music we bored the callers with! It was so easy to install too, I didn't even need the instructions.

Kelly Elrington-Tonks
Practice Manager / SPA Dental

Dental Care Berri

The message player arrived today and I have installed it. It sounds amazing! Thank you so much.

Kathryn Gough
Practice Manager / Dental Care Berri

Insurance Australia Group

Above all, thanks so much for all your help and patience with this ... you've been very supportive and accommodating the whole time.

Cammy Chow