Case Study – Sold On Hold could save you 10s of 1000s of $$!

How Sold On Hold
saved a medical practice almost $5000
– just in the first year!

No Contract Required

This is it, folks – you’ve found the page where we expose… the Big Industry Rip-Off!

Here at Sold On Hold, we think, and work, a little differently from our competitors. Oh yes, we do have competitors – they pop up and they fizzle out again all the time.

But Sold On Hold has been around since 1988 – which makes us one of the world’s very first ‘On Hold Messages’ companies.

One of our major points of difference is that we don’t insist that you sign a contract. Yep, you read that right – NO CONTRACTS! Revolutionary, right? And what that boils down to is that you don’t have to pay any ongoing monthly, quarterly or annual fees – in fact, no ongoing fees at all – not even for hardware rental, because with Sold On Hold you own everything outright.

By not choosing Sold On Hold
you could be paying 11 times
in the long run!

In this case study, you’ll see how a medical centre paid one of our major competitors – let’s call them “Company B” – $53,488 over a 10-year period.

If they’d been with Sold On Hold for the same 10-year period, they’d have paid just $4666 for the same service!

In the first year after switching to Sold On Hold, our medical practice saved $4976 – and that’s just in the very first year alone.

Their savings will increase every year – and if they’d been with Sold On Hold from the outset instead of with Company B, they’d have saved more than $48,000 over the previous 10 years!

Can you believe, Company B even increases their fee by 5% at each 2-year renewal, regardless of whether they’ve actually done any work at all in the previous period?

Our new customer may be kicking themselves for not asking Sold On Hold for a quote back in 2010 – but at least now they’re pleased to be saving valuable business capital that will be now ploughed right back into the business, in order to provide even better medical care for the community they are proud to serve.

Our medical practice only makes minor changes to their script from time to time – often not even annually. But for the purpose of this comparison, we’ll assume that they are likely to make minor updates to their recording every year. As @ July 2020, Sold On Hold’s fee starts from as little as $385 including GST for small updates, though this is of course subject to change. All fees shown in the comparison table include GST.

Case Study Comparison Table



Over the next 10 years, our medical centre customer will be paying an average of $466/year, compared to an average of $6826/year if they’d stuck with Company B – and that’s only if they actually update their recording – because if they don’t, guess what – they’ll pay zero, zip, zilch, nada!!

Now, if that sounds incredible, well, frankly that’s because it is – not because Sold On Hold saves our customers so much money – but because Company B (and others like them) have been getting away with charging so much, for so little, for so long!

Sold On Hold could save you 10s of 1000s of $! So don’t sign a contract with anyone – until you…