Our Services: On Hold Messages, Momentum Voice-Overs, No Contracts!

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Ralph Davis from Sold On Hold has been providing the voiceovers for the News Corp telephone system since 2003. It's always a pleasure to work with Ralph and the long relationship is testament to his reliability and professionalism. His attention to detail with the voiceovers, the audio quality and even any script improvements where required, ensures a first class result every time!
As one of the world's original "On Hold Messages" companies, our track record dates back to 1988. But three decades later, Sold On Hold offers so much more than just background music with ads!

Great Idea for 2020:
A Stunning Greeting for your Mobile!

WFH? SOH can help! Nowadays – whether we like it or not – more and more people are working from home. Whether you’re working from home or out on the road, create the right impression with a professionally scripted and recorded mobile phone voicemail greeting – professionally produced by Sold On Hold.

One of our experienced male or female voice-over announcers will record your greeting in the perfect style to complement your business and personality!

On Hold Messages

Stunning marketing copy… professional voicing… inspiring music. Inform your customers the moment they call you – then Call them to Action!

A professionally scripted, beautifully voiced audio brochure for your organisation with high quality musical backing and sound effects.

Each soundtrack is a unique production – so it can express vibrancy and vitality… soothing relaxation… or anything in between.

Instead of a ‘sausage factory’ approach to on hold copywriting and production, we actually take the time to listen to your needs, your goals and ideas. So two soundtracks for the same type of business could sound remarkably different, depending on your specific requirements and the demographic of your callers.

Momentum Video Narration

Our Momentum voiceovers are the perfect complement for your corporate videos, e-learning courses, media ads… wherever ‘golden tonsils’ are required!

Sold On Hold creates professionally recorded voice announcements for all purposes. Whether you need voicing for radio commercials, TV or cinema ads… or narration for online videos, podcasts or training courses – you’ll find our rates are very competitive.

So next time your business needs a professional voice, just ask whenever you need…

  • Emergency announcement systems
  • In-store audio & video advertising
  • Radio, TV and cinema ads
  • Online audio
  • …and much more!

Telephone Menu Greetings

What’s Your Message? Our clear, concise IVR menus and greetings will get your callers exactly where they need to be – fast and efficiently.

You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression! Professionally scripted and voiced menu greetings from Sold On Hold will elevate your business from the ordinary, streamlining your Auto-Attendant, IVR, After-Hours and Queue greetings – all fully personalised for your company.

Our professional voice talent is the same as that used by many major Australian corporations – so now, you too can present the best first impression possible!

Sold On Hold – Simply the Best Professional Voicing for your telephone system.

Did we mention? All our services can be provided on a “pay for it once, use it forever” basis – we’ll $ave you thousand$ over our competitors!

You see, here at Sold On Hold, we think – and work – a little differently from the others…

One of our major points of difference is that we don’t insist that you sign a contract.

Revolutionary, right? And what that boils down to is, you don’t have to pay any ongoing monthly, quarterly or annual fees – in fact, no ongoing fees at all – not even for hardware rental, because with Sold On Hold you own everything outright.

By not choosing Sold On Hold, you could be paying 11 times more in the long run!